Ceramic Tile in Windsor Bathrooms and Kitchens Create Beauty

Ceramic Tile in Windsor

Ceramic tiles are one of the most useful building materials for the home. There are a large number of potential uses for ceramic tiles throughout the house. The amazing versatility of tiles has led to more people choosing to use them in both traditional and innovative applications.
Homeowners in Windsor and all over Ontario can benefit greatly from the characteristics of ceramic tiles. The area of Windsor is prone to humid summers and bitter winter temperatures. These extremes can cause traditional building materials to expand or contract. This means that these materials may even crack or become damaged if they are not installed properly to allow the proper space for movement. Ceramic tiles do not react to temperature or humidity changes and offer distinct advantages in these types of weather.
Ceramic tile is also very affordable. There are a number of tile choices available to cater to every budget. Ceramic tiles can range in price depending on:
  • Thickness
  • Size
  • Glazed or unglazed
  • Design or pattern
  • Composition
The composition is an important factor in the price. Ceramic tiles with a more uniform composition are called porcelain tiles. Porcelain tiles are harder and have better load bearing properties than regular ceramic tiles. They are also more expensive as a result.
The glaze used on ceramic and porcelain tiles increases the water resistance of the tiles. It is also the way that a color, design or pattern is added to the tile.

Ceramic Tiles in the Kitchen

Ceramic tiles are often used as flooring for the kitchen.  The best choice for this application, especially in high traffic areas, is thicker porcelain tiles. These tiles can effectively handle the stress while continuing to look beautiful for a very long time.
Installing a new ceramic floor in the kitchen can transform the look of the room while also providing practical benefits. Ceramic tiles are essentially maintenance free, are easy to clean and do not promote the growth of bacteria.
Ceramic flooring is one of the major uses of tiles in the kitchen, but they are also commonly used for backsplashes and wall tiling. Ceramic tile is an excellent way to protect the wall above the countertop from water and food splatters that can occur.

Ceramic Tiles in the Bathroom

Ceramic tiles have so many uses in the bathroom that it seems as if they were developed specifically for this room. Almost any surface in the bathroom can be covered in ceramic or porcelain tiles.
Tiles are commonly used for the following applications in the bathroom:
  • Backsplashes
  • Wall tiling
  • Shower tiling
  • Flooring
The waterproof qualities of ceramic and porcelain tiles are very important for their usage in the shower or other areas of the bathroom where they will come into frequent contact with water. The bacteria resistance is also very important since mold and mildew can occur with other traditional materials such as wood.
If you decide to add the beauty and practicality of ceramic tiles to your home, speak to a reputable tile distributor servicing the Windsor area to ensure the best possible experience with ceramic tiles. Improve your home by installing ceramic tiles today.